These regulations should be read in conjunction with the General Academic regulations of the Zimbabwe Open University, hereinafter referred to as the General Regulations


  • The programme is intended to produce a graduate who is able to select, create, apply, integrate and administer computing technologies to meet the needs of users within a societal and organisational context.  As such, on completion of this program, graduates are expected or will be able to:
  • Implement fundamental knowledge of computer networks in managing and solving complex problems in an organisation effectively and efficiently.
  • Use the techniques, skills and contemporary tools related to networking to practice as a Telecommunication and Network Engineer.
  • Design a system, component, or process to meet the desired needs required by the computer application and/or networking infrastructure.
  • Analyse, create, assemble, configure, securely implement, manage, and maintain network infrastructures.
  • Collect, analyse and interpret data and implement appropriate solutions in view of the networking opportunities and constraints.
  • Understand and practice legal and professional ethics when solving network problems.


The minimum duration for the degree programme shall be four years (eight semesters) and the maximum shall be eight years (sixteen semesters). The minimum – maximum periods allowable permit some degree of flexibility in terms of course workload of the student per semester as well as student progress through the programme in keeping with Open and distance Learning systems


Normal Entry

  • For admission to the programme, applicants must have 5 ‘O’ Level passes including English, Mathematics and a Physical Science subject.
  • Applicants who hold a certificate or diploma in Computer studies or have experience in the Information Technology industry will have an added advantage.
  • Candidates with equivalent qualifications will be considered on a case basis and in line with the University’s General Academic Regulations.

Special Entry

Candidates may be admitted on special entry in accordance with the University’s General Academic Regulations


  • A student may, in approved cases be exempted from certain courses provided that the student shall have successfully completed approved degree courses elsewhere and that the student shall be required to complete at least three quarters (75%) of the programme courses through Zimbabwe Open University.
  • The student must fulfil the conditions 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 below to qualify for exemption.
  • The syllabus of the institution from which the student completed the course must be equivalent to at least 80% to the course being applied for exemption.
  • The student in the given course or subject must have obtained a pass of 60%, 2.2 or C+ whichever is applicable


The student is expected to accumulate a minimum of 525 credit points to be considered to have met the requirements of the Bachelor of Network Computing Honours Programme.


 Part One                =          120   credits

Part Two                 =          125   credits

Part Three              =          130   credits

Part Four                =          150   credits

Total                      =          525   credits                         

BNCH projects

  • Students are required to submit two projects: one in the third year of study and one in the final semester of study. The latter should be submitted a month before the writing of final examinations.
  • The projects are core courses.
  • The two projects may not be done in the same semester. 
  • The project(s) may be carried out in industry to provide a realistic environment for the student to synthesise material drawn from the modules studied, to apply this synthesis to an in-depth investigation of a complex problem, and to devise and recommend a creative and appropriate solution to the problem. Alternatively, a student may undertake a project(s) based on ongoing research or development within the university.


 The programme will be conducted using the problem based approach within the framework of Open and Distance Learning (ODL).

 The teaching/learning system will use modules, peer groups, e- learning platform weekend tutorials and other approaches.


  • Assessment of candidates shall be through written examinations, coursework, field practice and projects.
  • Each course, except full practical, project/dissertation and the professional practice shall be examined by coursework and a three-hour examination. A student may only proceed to the next part of the programme carrying only one failed course in accordance with the requirements of the General Regulations.
  • Candidates will be required to pass all prescribed courses for each part, but may proceed to the next part carrying only one failed course in accordance with the requirements of the General Regulations.
  • A candidate may be required to orally defend his/her research project through a viva.
  • Candidates who fail the research project within the range 40-49% must resubmit within three months as a supplementary examination.
  • Candidates who do not submit the research project on the due date must submit within three months. Such students will be awarded no more than 50%.
  • Candidates who fail (below 40%), must repeat and change topic and submit as first attempt.
  • If a student fails an examination, he/she will have the opportunity to re-write the examination when next available in accordance with the General Academic Regulations of the Zimbabwe Open University.

The weighting for the final overall assessment for each course shall be as follows:

                              Course work = 30%

                              Examination = 70%


  • To be admitted for the examinations for the Bachelor of Network Computing Honours, a student must:
  • Have successfully completed all course requirements including assignments and projects.
  • Be registered as Bachelor of Network Computing Honours student in accordance with the General Regulations of the Zimbabwe Open University.


Results will be published in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulations of the Zimbabwe Open University

A formal certificate and transcript confirming the award of the degree shall be issued to successful candidates after the results have been approved by the Senate.


In accordance with the provisions of the General Regulations, detailed syllabi of subjects/courses do not form part of the General or Faculty regulations but shall be submitted to the Faculty Board for approval. Copies of the detailed syllabi shall be maintained in the Faculty Office for reference.