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Register Online

Instruction for Registering Online

  1. On the myVista login page.
  2. Use your student pin as ‘PIN Number’
  3. Enter your password on the password field and if it is your first time to login use your surname in Caps as ‘password’
  4. Click on Login button
  5. Go to ‘My profile’ under ‘navigation’
  6. Under ‘My profile’ click on ‘My Registration’ and access the registration page
  7. Select the intended course code to be registered from both Courses From Your Degree or All Courses
  8. Then Click on the Add Button, the course code will automatically be sent to the Selected Courses For Registration
  9. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until the required number of courses has been selected
  10. When satisfied with course selection click on the Register Button
  11. Click here to access the myVista login page
Download Application Forms