What makes me proud today is my choice of career soon after my HND Human Resources Management and the Zimbabwe Teacher Education Diploma. (1999-2001). This was because ZOU was in its early stages beginning to stretch its wings. I was contemplating embarking on social sciences with other institutions. I was split in between at the time. The first puzzle was how would I manage going to a conventional institution when I had a family to look after everyday. The second one was how would  I manage  a lump sum fee given the small salary I had.  As if that was not hard enough my third concern was how to find a programme to match my background of Human Resources Management at degree level. All of a sudden my concerns got solved when I read the local newspaper advertising ZOU and its programmes at undergraduate level. The programmes had two areas of my interest. A degree in Human Resources Management and a degree in Industrial and Labour Relatioins.  I chose the latter one. I was the only one in the province on this programme and the 10th person nationally. I am  therefore proud to be amongst the chosen few. The pride became more convincing when in 2006, I then became the best student in the faculty of commerce and law at national level. Obviously    this marked my strongest bond with ZOU. I automatically assumed the ZOU flag raiser position. My provincial ZOU office gave a reckon to my achievement. I was immediately engaged as a part-time tutor under Commerce and Law specializing in all courses stemming from Human Resources Management, including Industrial and Labor Relations and then Communication and Scholarship. I am enjoying the fusion of the academic background of the studies with my practical background as a trade unionist, who is busy with industrial relations matters, communications and dispute resolutions.


My other comfort comes with the supervisory role on the faculty researches. There is a big link with  this area as I am also a specialist in the Education and Research desk of the Union of my industry-NEUZ .  I have resultantly managed to place NEUZ at the international map.  I have represented the union through interactions with other unions in the education sector locally and internationally. I am proud to be one of the educators under Educational international body. All these benefits are obviously being drawn from my exposure through Zimbabwe Open University.


Some people may ask where the real link with ZOU is coming from when I   of my benefits and associations with other circles. The point is that when I got into the world of adults, light  came to me I was able to interact with people from all directions, industry, government ministries, education, intellectuals, farmers, self-driven business person to mention a few. These people gave varied ideas, exposure and encourage. I now believe in linkages and this is what open and learning is all about.


Today I am spearheading the Mashonaland East Alumni chapter as I plough back to the community that brought me.  My expectation is that soon there will be a register and a ZOU Social Business network that keeps the ZOU family and its flame going.


I thank you for giving yourself time to this experience and vision of mine.



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