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Harare Region

Welcome Message From The Office Of The Regional Director
The Zimbabwe Open University Harare Region is delighted to welcome you to our friendly, familial and hybrid multi-cultural academic environment of working and nonworking community of students.  The region services the Greater Harare Metropolitan Area.

The Zimbabwe Open University-Harare Region is an exciting and intellectually fulfilling place to learn, study and share experiences.

The Harare Region is the largest within the Zimbabwe Open University’s family of open and distance learning academic centres spread across the country’s ten administrative provinces.  At any given time, the academic centre has a 1/3 of the total student enrolment in the university.  The Harare campus continues to excel and develop as a centre for academic excellence in the country, the SADC region and globally.

The Harare region offers a convenient learning environment where you are part of 10 000 students from around the globe.  We are committed to offer you a world class education by highly qualified and experienced members of both teaching and non teaching staff who are ready to provide you with life changing information, knowledge and leadership.

Your great campus is open throughout the day including lunch hours, Monday to Fridays excluding public holidays, to ensure that both our working and non working students are conveniently served.  The Region has a dedicated staff compliment of 14 information records clerks to service the students during assignments submission and collection.

Our excellent and welcoming reception facilities will ensure that you are directed to the right offices.

The Harare campus has a vibrant Student Representative Council to address student academic and leisure interests.  There are a number of sporting disciplines that you can join.  Both past and present students can also join the ZOU Alumni Harare Chapter that exists to promote your leading institution’s academic and social interests.

All you school leavers and working professionals, wherever you are, from whatever region or country of the global village, my colleague  I cordially invite you to join the life changing and intellectually fulfilling experience offered by the Zimbabwe Open University’s Harare Region.

Regional Administrative Structure
The Harare Region is headed by a Regional Director assisted by a Deputy Regional Director, two Secretaries, one Senior Administrative Officer and two Assistant Administrative Officers.  We also have a dedicated compliment, of leading academic staff of twenty four women and men.  These Regional Programme Coordinators are assisted by 14 information records clerks. Our accounts office is staffed by four committed and professional young men and a woman. Our library is manned by three qualified staff members.  The Registry office is manned by two young men qualified in records and archival management, while the computer laboratory is serviced by a qualified ICT technician. We also have in our employ a switchboard operator, a messenger/driver, two security guards, two cleaners and a wonderful friendly receptionist to meet you when you visit our campus.

The Zimbabwe Open University Harare Region / Campus

Physical Address

Harare Main Post Office
Cnr Julius NyerereWay/Nelson Mandela
NB Students and visitors to the Harare Campus use the Nelson Mandela entrance.

Contact details

Switchboard telephone lines  : 250157/8
702762, 761650, 734402
Fax                                        702703

Direct Lines:

Regional Director      : 702703
Deputy Regional Director       : 250159
Senior Administrator              : 790376
Email address                         :

Tutorial Centers
Your fabulous centres for learning during face to face weekend tutorials are held at the following centres:

  1. Prince Edward School : Commerce and Law, All Bcom and EDBL, Social Sciences.
  2. Allan Wilson School    : Arts and Education
  3. Belvedere Teachers College: Commerce and Law, All Bcom and EDBL, Social Sciences

Examination Centers
All our examinations are conducted at the Belvedere Teachers College.  However all valuable students are advised to contact the Harare Region Campus or website for updates and information on tutorials, examinations and other activities.

Harare Region Library
The Harare Region Library is located at the corner of Rotten Row and Penefather street, near the Harare City Museum close to the Harare International Conference Centre.  The library opening hours are as follows:

Mondays to Fridays    :            0900hrs -1630hrs
Saturdays                 :            0900hrs- 1300hrs

The library is open to registered ZOU students and ordinary members of the public upon payment of a library fee.

News, Events, Conferences and Seminars
Event           Date / Time       Venue           Remarks

Harare Region Student Representative Council
The ZOU-Harare Region offers a student platform for coordinating student related activities.  This is done through the Student Representative Council (SRC).  The council serves the students throughout their study period.  Its operations are guided by institutional policy which is administered through the Centre for Student Management.  At regional level, this post is manned by a Student Advisor who facilitates activities and ensures that cordial relations are established between the institution and its student body. Service is offered throughout guidance, counseling, advisory and skills development.

ZOU Alumni Harare Chapter
When our valued students complete their studies with ZOU, Harare Region continues to maintain partnership with its former students.  The Alumni Association fulfils this role by inviting former and current students to return and participate in activities that promote and further enhances student advancement and institutional development.  Students are offered the opportunity to suggest new programmes, offer innovative ideas on how to improve the institution’s wellbeing in its quest to remain a world class open and distance learning institution. The Harare Region also conducts community service and invites former students to undertake further studies and participate in research work.  Various opportunities are availed for students’ continued academic growth.  The Alumni is Harare Region’s backbone for continued academic growth and development.  The Alumni Association operates from the student advisor’s office. The Harare Region is inviting all present and former students to become members of this wonderful association.  We offer you a great opportunity for social networking and business development.

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