My name is Esther Manyaya and am proud to be a Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) graduate of 2006. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication Studies. I am currently based in Canada. For me to be absorbed into the Canadian system, it was because of the degree which I attained with ZOU.  I got employed at a retirement home, which is one of the best homes in Canada.

Through hard work, owing to skills I acquired with ZOU, I was transferred to a Wellness Programs Centre, where I work one-on-one with residents. With the communication skills I acquired, I find it very easy to work with elderly people with dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases.

I find some techniques such as listening, role playing, and creativity very important. Most of them can narrate stories from long back and I use the information to improve their ways of living.

I really want to thank ZOU for equipping me with such skills. I found it helpful too, to learn the sign language since some are mute, in speech, hence, I decided to sponsor my fellow counsellors back home to train the language offered by ZOU.

NeZOU Zvinoita!

Zimbabwe Open University Alumnus