0n 1st February 2019, The Zimbabwe Open University, Matabeleland South Regional Campus staff joined Zimbabweans in the national clean-up campaign in support of the initiative by His Excellency, The Presidentof Zimbabwe and ZOU Chancellor, Cde. Emmerson D. Mnangagwa who launched the national clean-up campaign on 5 December 2018. The national clean-up campaign is an ongoing activity and is to be conducted on the first week of every month.


The campus had a very successful clean- up campaign, which saw all staff members fully engaged in cleaning and beautifying the campus, a move meant to enable the university to live in a safe, clean, tidy and user friendly environment. This 1st cleaning exercise was concentrated inside and around the campus premises. The Matabeleland South Regional Campus Regional Director, Mr. A. Nkala led the cleaning exercise.

Mr. A. Nkala (Centre), Matabeleland South Regional Campus Regional Director leading the cleaning exercise

In an interview on the sidelines of the clean-up campaign, Matabeleland South Regional Campus Regional Director said, “We took it upon ourselves to start by cleaning our Campus premises as well as offices. In addition to it (clean-up) being a noble endeavor worth everyone’s support, the national clean up exercise dovetails with the healthy and philanthropy pillar of our corporate social investment policy as Zimbabwe Open University.  We therefore remain committed to this and other initiatives to make our workplaces, communities, homes and the general environment clean and healthy for all. The region will continue getting engaged in this cleaning campaign every first Fridayof each month as declared by the President.  It is hoped that this exercise will go a long way in bringing the university to world class standards and a university of choice by virtue of both its appearance and quality of education.”


It was noted that every staff member had a task to carry out, all in the spirit of cleaning the campus.For Mat South Regional Campus staff, it was quite an experience, and everyone felt the two hours was rather too short. The SRC president, Mr. Chamunorwa Mahachialso joined the Mat South team in the clean-up campaign.

mat 2
Members of Staff cleaning the Campus Premises
More Members of Staff cleaning the Campus Premises
mat 3
Ms. Sithokhozile Sibanda (Right) Programme Coordinator -Media and Journalism Studies during the cleaning exercise