Acting Dean of Commerce and Law

Dean : Faculty of Commerce and Law

Professor Tavonga Njaya

PhD Development Economics (ZOU)

MSc of Science  in Development Studies(GRIPS, Tokyo)

BSc (Hons) in Economics (University of Zimbabwe)



Contact Details

Tel: 263-242-780246/7

Cell: 263 772 969 719

Twitter: @tavonganjaya

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Greetings! Welcome to the Faculty of Commerce and Law at the Zimbabwe Open University. Tracing its roots to 1999, Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) today stands as one of the leading open and distance learning universities in Africa. ZOU is an excellent choice to earn your business education and prepare for a successful career.

It is an honour to serve ZOU and students in the Faculty of Commerce and Law (FCL), alumni, faculty staff, central campus administration and community partners. We have a great foundation on which to build future success of the Faculty. Please join me in transforming the Faculty to achieve its full potential as a vibrant and diverse business educational community that is internationally renowned for excellence.

In the past years, we concentrated on enhancing opportunities for our undergraduate students. This, unfortunately constrained vertical expansion and reduced the faculty’s competitiveness. The Faculty should provide exciting business educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and locations in Zimbabwe and beyond. Our new goals centre on enhancing existing programmes and building new masters programmes, deepening our community engagement and intensifying our research and scholarship. The FCL should strive to nurture top–quality business leaders and to foster both academic and applied research in order to catalyse industrialisation and modernisation of Zimbabwe and also serve the needs of a fast changing global economy.

I am tremendously proud of our Faculty staff, students and alumni. Our programmes are taught by a highly qualified team of both full time and part–time faculty staff trained at home and abroad. Adjunct faculty staff with practical experience from the corporate world enrich our teaching programmes. In order to provide our graduates with competitive edge of the latest knowledge, our curricula are continuously updated by top flight and experienced academicians.

I am truly humbled and honoured to take up Deanship of the Faculty during the most dramatic socioeconomic and political shifts in Zimbabwe. The anticipated growth of the Zimbabwean economy will be accompanied by the increasing influence of business schools, which provides our Faculty with an unprecedented opportunity to capitalise on Zimbabwe’s unique strengths. Through our student-centred teaching, research, creativity and service, we are committed to giving our students the tools to be informed citizens in a global society guided by democratic principles as well as to succeed professionally.

ZOU strives to be a world class university. Our aspirations at the Faculty of Commerce and Law are to foster world class excellence in business education.

Do you need to prepare for a career in business and wish for a world class education? Then, you have found it. Welcome! I invite you to explore the FCL website to get additional information on our programmes, curricula, requirements and course offerings and discover more about the faculty, staff and students.

Professor Tavonga Njaya, PhD




Striving towards world class excellence in business education.


Our Vision is supported by three – fold mission statements:

  • To provide transformational learning experience that enables our students realise their full potential.
  • To undertake cutting edge research that provokes debate and deepens our understanding of business and markets.
  • To collaborate with policy and practice in teaching and research to catalyse the impact of our work.


As a faculty at the Zimbabwe Open University, we uphold all the five core values of the University. To achieve excellence in all our endeavours as a faculty, we affirm that the following core values are essential to a functional, productive and vibrant world class university:

  • Commitment to student-centred learning ecosystem.
  • Adherence to ethical standards of performance in research and scholarship.
  • Creation of a diverse and inclusive faculty community.
  • Commitment to risk-taking and entrepreneurial leadership.
  • Commitment to civic engagement.