The Zimbabwe Open University - the leader in sign language training - invites thirty (30)applicants who are interested to undergo an intensive three (3) monthsof Sign Language Training. The training is conducted by experienced Doctors and Professors in collaboration with Deaf Persons drawn from various Deaf Organizations. Applicants will be issued with a first-level Certificate of Competency in Basic Sign Language. Persons who already hold this certificate or its equivalent from other institutions will go through a parallel second-level training programme and be issued with aCertificate of Competency in Intermediate Sign Language. Entry into the Intermediate training level will be based on competency established through pre-assessment. Candidates should also be holders of lower-level certificates in sign language.

Training components: Training components shall include but are not limited to, Theory on Disability issues, Constitutional, Legislative and Policy provisions, Theory of Sign Language and Deafness, Practical training sessions, group and individual sessions, short 10-day attachments, Practical examination, Theory Examination. Delivery mode is face to face. However, virtual training may be conducted due to COVID-19 related restrictions. There shall be interactions with Deaf persons from the beginning to the end of the course.

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