I joined the ZOU family in February 2011 as I had registered for a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies, driven by the passion for development. As a gardener then, I had to balance between tending flowers and reading my books. I devoted more of my early morning time to study. I had to cancel many friendships, many commitments and exit many unions and groups as I needed to focus on my studies. I had to choose friends with value. Together with some few friends, we formed a study group. We used to meet during weekends for discussions and presentations but during the week we would assign each other some tasks to do and research on. This proved helpful as all group members passed their exams.

Having laid a strong foundation with Development Studies, Life became easy when I went to UZ for a Project Management course where I equally excelled and that took me to doing Projects and Programs Monitoring and Evaluation where again I did wonders and colleagues would ask where I did my Masters yet I was yet to do it. That was a strong academic foundation laid at ZOU which made me that bright and useful in class. We were trained to study, research and work without supervision, some traits that have become a habit. I therefore started writing some articles on Developmental issues, report writing, project planning, writing project documents and project proposals. I became a board member to two organizations that I helped form and I am still doing project documents for other organizations.

I therefore, wrote two Handbooks for Development. The first one already printed is specifically for my organization, a Non Governmental Organization formed in 2017 and registered in December 2018. The handbook registered at the National Archives of Zimbabwe details the organization’s Vision for Sustainable Community Development; it also has a new development model that I introduced and the implementation plan. The second Handbook is a Development Handbook titled Community Development Compass. It focuses on explaining how communities can develop using readily available human and material resources. It speaks on management of community resources, how livelihoods can be promoted and enhanced. Also, the Achievers Model of Development is explained in that book. The book is useful for farmers, leaders, development practitioners, educationists, students, policy makers, entrepreneurs, donors and embassies as it has nuggets for all. This handbook CDC is under print and will be finalized soon then put online for sale soon.

All the stated achievements are a result of the knowledge that I received from the Zimbabwe Open University. If I look back, I see ZOU as an empowerment incubator for productive, proactive and self motivated people.

Takemore Majabule
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