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International Conference on Heritage.

The Conference on Heritage is underway in Masvingo, at the Great Zimbabwe Hotel, Zimbabwe. It started yesterday, 14 September 2022. The Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technological Development, Honorable Raymore Machingura was the guest of honour at the official opening ceremony held on the 14th of September.
The conference runs under the theme ‘Heritage, the Future of Africa and the Global Community’ to reflect the significance of heritage resources not only as source of history and instilling a sense of cultural identity and belonging, but realisation of its importance in socio-economic and sustainable development of a nation. Accordingly, this broad theme is supported by various subthemes which demonstrate the versatility and causal relationship with Information Communication Technologies ICTs), Legal Frameworks, Science and Innovation, Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Development in general. It is anticipated that all conference presentations share this broad spectrum view of heritage and how that knowledge can be utilised to address challenges bedeviling our continent and the world at large. The current conference is not merely exposing these challenges, but proffer heritage based solutions in order to assist decision makers in mapping the future.
The sub-themes of the International Conference on Heritage (ICOH) have been crafted to address the tenets of Education 5.0., particularly teaching, research, community engagement, innovation and industrialisation. It is anticipated that the proceedings of the conference shall demonstrate an appreciation and the rationale for adopting Education 5.0 towards economic development of the country as well as fulfillment of both National Development Strategy 1 (2021-2025) and Vision 2030.
The objectives of the conference are to:
 Provide a podium for the exchange of scholarly ideas that would translate to sustainable human development.
 Promote collaborative research at national, regional and global level.
 Promote heritage-based research that would culminate to innovation and industrialisation.
 Build partnerships and strengthen cooperation on technology and innovation
 Foster community engagement in the management of heritage resources.
The inaugural conference aims at sensitising budding researchers, proven academics, policy-makers and other stakeholders on the importance of preserving their heritage. It will try to foster intercultural collaborations and exchange. by attracting a wide cross-section of researchers from parts of the African continent and the world in order for them to showcase new opportunities for the heritage industry as a potential driver for economies in Africa. Participants will have the chance to exchange ideas, discuss common concerns and unearth new roles in heritage conservation, innovation and industrialisation.
The gathering will provide heritage entrepreneurs an opportunity to identify and forge partnerships with relevant companies and academics/ researchers. It will provide industry a platform from which to network with the academia allowing the academia to get to know what industry is expecting from their research output and how best they may help in bringing out innovations that will feed into the national, regional and even global industry.

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