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ZOU take Risk and Governance Sensitisation to another level.

The Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) held a Risk Governance Sensitisation workshop at the Management Training Bureau, Msasa on Wednesday 15 May 2024.   The workshop aims to foster an environment of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning the complexities surrounding risk management and governance in the context of higher education.

Delegates follow proceedings at the Risk Governance Sensitisation workshop

Addressing delegates at the workshop, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul H. Gundani highlighted the vital role played by universities in shaping the minds of future generations and contributing to society at large.  He underscored the numerous challenges and uncertainties that require utmost attention in this rapidly changing world, whether technological, financial regulatory or even global.  He called for proactiveness in identifying and mitigating risk that may hinder the mission of providing quality education and research. He further affirmed his management’s total commitment to risk governance matters through facilitating capacity building and strengthening of the risk governance culture.

ZOU Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul. H. Gundani addresses delegates at the Risk and Governance Workshop at Management Training Bureau (MTB), Msasa

Today’s workshop provides us with unique opportunity to explore and understand the complexities surrounding risk management and governance in the context of higher education. As we navigate an ever-evolving educational landscape, it becomes imperative for us to critically assess the risks we face and adopt effective governance strategies to ensure the sustainable growth and success of our institutions” he implored.

Dr Newton Dhemba facitates at the Risk Governance Sensitisation Workshop

The workshop facilitator Dr. Newton Dhemba from the Logistics Research and Training Institute introduced the legislative framework that governs Risk Management viz Public Finance Management General Regulations section 50 for Ministries, Departments or Agencies (MDA); Risk Management Framework and Guidelines for the Public Sector and the Public Entities Corporate Governance Act (Chapter 10:31).  Dr Dhemba also impressed delegates on Enterprise Risk Management, where he unpacked risk management, enterprise risk & management, merit of enterprise risk management, approaches to enterprise management and ISO 31000 (Risk Framework for the GoZ)

Delegates follow proceedings at the Risk Governance Sensitisation workshop

In his closing remarks Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Ermson Nyakatawa, said that he was delighted by the robust engagement from all stakeholders.  The thanked the facilitator and encouraged stakeholders to seriously implement the strategies outlined therein and embrace a new work ethic based on excellence, integrity, accountability, innovation, teamwork, and customer focus.  As change components are embedded therein, he implored.

if you can’t change people change people”.

The workshop was attended by ZOU Senior Management, Faculty Deans, Regional Directors, Directors, Managers, and Officers from the various departments and Units.

Event in pictures