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Department Chairperson

Stanley Idanai Murangwa

BSc Hon in Economics (UZ)
MBA (ZOU) Graduate Diploma in Marketing (Institute of Marketing Management) Graduate Diploma in Advertising (Institute of Marketing Management) Contact Details Cell: 0772 387 867 Tel: 02020-68153 Manicaland Region

Department Staff

  • Ayiri Gudyanga
    Ayiri Gudyanga


  • Samson Bizamare
    Samson Bizamare
  • Martin Retselang Karonga
    Martin Retselang Karonga
  • Amos Tendai Munzara
    Amos Tendai Munzara
Ayiri Gudyanga

Master of Business Administration (Zimbabwe Open University, 2012)

Bachelor of Science in Economics (University of Zimbabwe, 1992)

Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology (Pan-Africa Christian University, 2008)

Location: Mashonaland West Regional Campus

                  5425 Glassglow Industrial Site

                 P.O. Box 285


                Tel: 263-212-4050, 6106, 9345-7

Samson Bizamare

Master of Policy Studies (Southern African Regional Institute for Policy Studies, 1999)

Bachelor of Science Honours in Economics (University of Zimbabwe, 1988)

Area of Specialisation: Development Economics

Location: Manicaland Regional Campus

                 Stand 992 “C” Avenue

                P.Bag V7480


Martin Retselang Karonga

Master of Business Administration (Nottingham Trent University, 2000)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics  (Middlesex Polytechnic, 1984)

Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma (Middlesex University, 1994)

Area of Specialisation: Development Economics

Location: Harare-Chitungwiza Regional Campus

                 Stand 9194, Alpes Road

Hatcliffe, Harare

Tel: 086880007113 (voip)


Amos Tendai Munzara


Doctor of Philosophy in Development Economics (Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe, 2019)

Master of Commerce in Financial Economics (Great Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe, 2015)

Master of Business Administration (Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe, 2010)

BSc. Mathematics and Statistics (Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe, 2004)

Diploma in Education (University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, 1995)

Location: National Centre, Harare

                  Corner House, 7th Floor

                 Corner L. Takawira/ S. Machel Avenue




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