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Professor Francis Themba Mugabe

Professor Francis Themba Mugabe was trained as a soil scientist and worked at Chiredzi Research Station as research agronomist for 10 years. He studied for an MSc in Soil Fertility Management at Reading University in 1995 and followed a DPhil in Hydrology and Water Resources Management with the University of Zimbabwe and completed in 2005. Francis joined the Midlands State University as a Senior lecturer, researcher and Associate Professor, Dean in the Department of Land and Water Resources (Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources) in 2001 up to 2010 when he joined the School of Agricultural Sciences at Chinhoyi University of Technology as Dean. He was Director of Research and Resource Mobilisation 2013-2015, Acting PVC- Business Development Jan -Dec 2016 and Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer (2017-2018) at Chinhoyi University of Technology. For three years he was a visiting Professor on a SADC MSc programme on Water Resources Management (2009-2012). He saved as a visiting Professor at the National University of Lesotho (Department of Soil and Conservation) for eight months in 2018. He was awarded a number of research grants including the UE Erasmas, DelPHE (DFiD), the CCAA (IDRC), the Edulink (ACP-EU). His research interests are in climate change and adaptation for sustainable food production and food security for the semi-arid areas of southern Africa. He has excellent all-round agronomic, soil and water management and hydrological research skills. He also has a strong interest in transforming research outputs into goods and services through the technology transfer process.


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