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ZOU and CCA Sign MoU to Promote Education and Exchange Programs

In a historic moment, the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) and the Council of Churches in Africa (CCA) came together to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at promoting education and exchange programs. The MOU, which was signed by Professor Paul Henry Gundani, Vice Chancellor of ZOU, and Rocky Moyo, President and Archbishop of CCA, marks a significant step towards enhancing community empowerment through learning.

Left: ZOU Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul Henry Gundani and President and Archbishop of CCA, Rocky Moyo sign the MoU while the Legal Manager Mr Raymond Wenyeve look on 

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Professor Gundani expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to establish this partnership with the CCA, which represents 253 churches. He emphasized the importance of trust, brotherhood, and sisterhood in the collaboration and highlighted the mutual benefits that will come from the agreement.

On the other hand, Archbishop Moyo emphasized the need for church leaders to have the necessary knowledge and expertise to effectively manage their congregations. He pointed out that while some leaders may not be academically gifted, they have skills, passion, and zeal to develop, making the educational opportunities offered by ZOU invaluable for their growth.

Group photo of ZOU  and CCA delegates

The MOU will pave the way for community engagement initiatives, with a focus on empowering church leaders and members through flexible, affordable, and convenient courses offered by ZOU. The agreement will also facilitate exchange programs and cooperation between the two institutions to further expand educational opportunities.

With the establishment of this partnership, both ZOU and CCA are set to make a lasting impact on the education landscape in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. The MOU is a testimony to the commitment of both institutions to promote learning, empowerment, and sustainable development in their communities.

Delegates follow procedings during the MoU signing ceremony