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ZOU Harare SRC Fundraising Event on Valentine’s Day Exceeds Expectations

The Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), Harare/Chitungwiza Student Representative Council (SRC) held a fundraising event on Valentine’s Day at the Regional Campus. The fundraising was a resounding success. The event, which aimed at attracting donations and pledges to assist university students and those in the ZOU Hatcliffe Community living with albinism, exceeded expectations and showcased the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

The Harare Regional Campus (SRC) President, Mr. Itayi Manuel, emphasized the importance of supporting vulnerable individuals in the community, and the fundraising event provided a platform to do just that. Mr Manuel further highlighted that SRC had identified four young adults living with albinism in the ZOU Hatcliffe community and the SRC sought to provide them with support through the donations and pledges received.

Harare/Chitungwiza Region SRC President Mr Itayi Manuel delivers opening remarks during the event.

“The fundraising seeks to attract donations and pledges to assist university students and those in the ZOU Hatcliffe Community living with albinism. He said

The Dean of Students, Mrs. Chivasa, who was the guest speaker of the event also addressed the attendees, emphasizing the importance of addressing intimate issues among students and promoting personal development. She encouraged students to learn and grow into responsible adults, highlighting the significance of initiatives like the fundraising event in supporting vulnerable individuals in the community.

ZOU Dean of Students Mrs. T. Chivasa addresses delegates during the event.

The event also featured a testimonial speaker, Tambirayi Maruta Marufu, a ZOU media student living with albinism, who shared his challenges and how it led to him deferring two semesters of study. Part of the fundraising proceeds helped Tambirayi get back on track with his studies, as he was readmitted to further his studies.

The reigning Miss ZOU, Joyline Madombwe, who was also one of the guests at the event, graced the attendees with a powerful speech. In her speech, she emphasized the significance of love and affection on Valentine’s Day. She also highlighted the importance of expressing gratitude to loved ones and reaching out to those who may be experiencing loneliness.

The reigning Miss ZOU, Joyline Madombwe follow proceedings during the fundraising

The event was a success as donations and pledges poured in, enabling support for students in need. The drop box for donations remains open until February 16, 2024, demonstrating a continued commitment to assisting those in the ZOU community.

A group photo of some of the delegates who graced the occassion.